This revolution in instructional design should result in the same revolution in academic working techniques, which are all to reconsider. And it will be there at the same time the originality and difficulty of the undertaking. The formula-Learning Homework is radically exceeded, this does not mean that we will hold for unnecessary purchases necessitated by the programs and examinations.

We just have to find – and this will be the most difficult – the most formative work of technical and human, will enable the completion of this in our classes of harmony and goodwill characteristic of our pedagogy. We have developed some of these techniques, served by the materials and tools they assume.

It will be up to you other educators 2nd degree and technical, to see experimentally how you can fit your classes – Work Plans that have a general value, since there are today work plans in all companies. What get homework help
are these plans? How to make?

How to correct, according to the schedules and programs? – Reports and conferences, constituting as lessons post, the master is bringing knowledge according to research children themselves. – Document File and Task Library: how to perform, how to enrich, how to use? – self-corrective Files: It’s here too that our pedagogy revolutionizes the atmosphere in our classes substituting the desire and the need for child labor still passive obedience to the master’s commands. – And soon our programmed bands concurrently with the self-corrective sheets and audio-visual techniques will allow us to establish non-scholastic classes where free labor in the context of social obligations, will be king. This work on the board.

Do not say that the well planned program is ambitious and utopian. It is the measure of our good will and our responsibilities. But progress will be three conditions: – you dare to convince you that a new pedagogy is essential. We do not say that it will necessarily be ours. We contribute to the institute, with the hope that further experiments will help us; – that in this area too, the verbiage is unnecessary.

We need to create new techniques and tools required; – this work will be possible and fruitful only if it is done cooperatively. As for we realize that effective collaboration with our working group and team, our meetings, our class visits, our training, our conferences and publications. This is for you embark on this path, for this review, we will put at your disposal our experience and we offer a framework within which you can work. We do not want and can not do more.

It is you yourselves who will forge your own destiny, as we will have applied ourselves. Modernizing Education to various degrees will be the common achievement of all the good workers of our pedagogy.

At work ! For teachers the necessary books of pedagogy Freinet WORKS C. FREINET The Modern School French School’s Journal called Mathieu Education Labor natural method Drawing Psychology Test-Children Poets (Freinet School) .. You have a child WORKS E. FREINET The Child Health Birth of a popular Pedagogy (in repr.) CHILD ARTIST OF THE EDUCATOR No special birds Genesis Genesis of Man Genesis Genesis cars homes http: //www.icem- Author Freinet Print

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By Catherine Chabrun on 24/11/09 – 6:02 p.m. In: Gr. Social Pedagogy realized Meeting Education Lawrence Ott and Olivier Francomme Report of the Social Pedagogy Site at the House of steelworkers Home and Start …

11 am … ( 25 people in the day) Moderator: Laurent Ott, secretary, Olivier Francomme day Program: 1-Morning * What’s new? Round table – Thierry Lavignon, (independent), Asso Interludes, is part of “metallo Committee ‘, End of mission (previously: INJEP pole culture, Theater of the great Pagnol theater big grin …) theater sensibility and education … cultural practices, exchanges, curiosity, … (population Report and culture in culture, it should probably be looking at the same height ..).

In the spheres of culture, people are in say, not do it … -Melodie Dababi (Interludes association) contributes to the publication of an article on this experience, in the journal “Social Link”. Project to create a bread oven and street food. (Vincent proposes). Last summer experience: eat all together in the same dish …

Helps particularly nightlife meal of the association, interested in the intergenerational transmission and between women. – Robin Decle (educator gardens, social farmer to Interludes Association): Interested in the experience of the San Francisco Diggers. Implements free meals combining artistic, cultural, With assoc. (For garden produce), people in the neighborhood; the goal is to move to the regularity … (interested in reactivating old rights: cooking and gleaning) -Vincent Safrat: publishes books for children (75c, 2 million books sold per year) came out of curiosity, …

Projects: buy a beautiful place to lend (Castle for all) … Free show … -Catherine Chabrun: ICEM publications (like to publish an article on the work of Vincent), living FP in Paris, suggests an article presenting the teaching site social. -Anne Marie Bourdonnais (Nievre), potter’s association, dream of “making do” 2 million bowls! Pb.

Is interested in social tension in craft between the need to produce beautiful and produce short. -Sophie Audigier, asso Interludes, activist right to education of Roma children … will go to work in the slums … luthier training archetiere, it repairs musical instruments. It sets up workshops street around the painting. -Sophie Nedorezof, the TRACES Association, speaks of the site of the Forge and its evolution; she realizes workshops and street performances, in a climate marked by conflicts now!

Next project: kitchen “area of ??transformation” … To develop “his” appearance in the workshops … -Ewelina Mianowska, PhD student, worked with ATD Fourth World …, is interested and did research on street children, asso.

J Korczak (AFJK) … -Laurent Ott, conducts research to PPET on street children … -Phuong Nguyen, of the association, Vietnam “children first” came with Vietnamese Professional invited: potter, seamstress … they want to organize as host institutions for disabled children in their care, free workshops for children in Vietnam (disabled children). They are also interested in street food! We must distinguish between the work and artistic expression. -Elodie Coster came accompanied by Nicolas and Oceane Seston, holders of a theater association for autistic young adults. -Yve works in a home for people with severe disabilities, and wonders about the consequences and compatibility of the 2002 and 2005 laws, including on the assessment of socio-educational medico shares with humans and creative processes, which are to develop. -Stephanie Chalopin (young professional, formed PPET), is interested in working outside the institution … (works nursery) For example: the importance and difficulty of mixed ages. -Elise Pivard, special education students in training since Tuesday at Interludes Association had different varied experiences of introducing artistic and theatrical mediation with young people in an open environment.